8 Exquisite Ryokans in Japan

12 Jan 8 Exquisite Ryokans in Japan

When the cold sets in, what better to do than slip into a relaxing hot spring and enjoy spectacular views? Japan is the holy grail of the onsen world. 

Soak in a tub of bubbling hot water and enjoy views of the snowy landscape. We give you 8 amazing hot spring resorts in different parts of Japan!

In Nagano (West of Tokyo)

Yorozuya Shoraiso

Here at Yorozuya Shoraiso, you can lounge in a steamy hot tub while surrounded by swirls of falling snowflakes. Because of its rich history, Yorozuya Shoraiso is listed as a National Treasure by the Japanese Government.


Address: 3137 Hirao, Shimotakai-gun, Yamanouchi-machi 381-0401, Nagano Prefecture

The Ryokan provides transportation service to and from the train station

Price: 29,000 Yen per night per person (Approx 356 SGD)

Nearby : Snow Monkey Park

The Snow Monkey Park is famous for its large population of wild Japanese macaques, more commonly referred to as Snow Monkeys, that go to the valley during the winter, foraging elsewhere in the national park during the warmer months. The monkeys descend from the steep cliffs and forest to sit in the warm waters of the hot springs.

snow monkey mountain

In Hakone (Far west of Kanagawa Prefecture)

For those visiting Tokyo for a shopping adventure, make a trip to Hakone to enjoy the hot springs! Hakone is located just two hours away from Tokyo.

Gora Hanaougi is made entirely out of wood with a beautiful Japanese garden.  The Ryokan has a distinct smell which is similar to natural wood. This fragrance brings back nostalgic moments of the true traditional ryokan from the olden days.gora 2

The Ryokan is built in traditional Japanese style, similar to the concept of traditional family homes with wooden beams installed. The rooms have heating amenities and the corridors are made of tatami – so even if you walk barefoot, you will not feel uncomfortable.

gora 3


At Gora Hanaougi, you can expect Japanese hospitality at its finest – the Japanese-styled rooms and baths are warm and cosy, and the “kaiseki-style” meals are outstanding.


Using the best cuts of Hida beef, freshly-picked vegetables from the region and the freshest seafood from Sagami bay, Gora Hanaougi promises one of the best seasonal courses you’ve ever tasted.


Address: 1300-681, Hakone, Ashigarashimo District, Kanagawa Prefecture 250-0408,  Japan

The Ryokan provides transportation service to and from the train station

Price:35,185 Yen per night (Approx 432 SGD)

Gora Kansuiro

kans 1

kans 2

Gora Kansuiro consists of 14 luxurious rooms with perfect views of the surroundings for all seasons, and a lavish Japanese garden. Gora Kansuiro will give you a relaxing and luxurious experience in an oasis of peace.

kans 3

kans 4

Bathe at the open-air hot springs under a sky full of stars or the luxurious indoor onsen.

kans 5

kans 6

Experience the real Ryokan atmosphere and enjoy fine traditional Japanese cuisine. Using only ingredients from around the region, the chef will create a menu specially for you based on your preferences!

kans 8

Interesting fact:

During a visit to Hakone, the late Emperor Showa and Empress Kojun stopped by Gora Kansuiro to enjoy its famous hot springs.

Address:1300 Gora, Ashigarashimo-gun, Hakone-machi 250-0408, Kanagawa Prefecture

Walking distance from Gora train station

Price: 20,000 Yen per night (Approx 245 SGD)

In Izu (West of Tokyo)

Arai Ryokan

Widely known for its architecture, art and history, Arai Ryokan is listed as a cultural conservation asset by the Japanese government.

arai 1

arai 2

arai 3

Surrounding the ryokan are two famous sightseeing spots: The Shuzenji Temple and the Bamboo Grove Lane  – which were awarded 2 Michelin Stars in the 2009 and 2011 Michelin Green Guide respectively.

arai 4

arai 5

Arai Ryokan has a teahouse set in the middle of a beautiful orchard of 3,000 plum trees; and from there, you will be able to see a wonderful view of Mount Fuji.arai 6

arai 7

Arai Ryokan serves traditional  Japanese cuisine in the privacy of your guest room.

Address970 Shuzenji, Izu 410-2416 , Shizuoka Prefecture

Price: 28,500 Yen per night per person (Approx 350 SGD)


Interesting places include Syuzen Temple, a bamboo forest, and many different charming places.

Tofuya ResortSpa


This traditional secluded Japanese onsen is more than 400 years old. It was recently remodelled in late 2013 to accommodate more guests.


izu 4


If you’re looking for a quiet getaway for the weekend, Tofuya Resort & Spa is the right place to be. Located right next to a river and a hill covered with majestic forests, you almost feel like you’re swept away into a nature reserve! Fall asleep to the calming sounds of the river!



Address: 98 Yoshina, Izu, Shizuoka Prefecture 410-3208, Japan

You’ll have to get there on your own, familiarity with the Japanese language is recommended.


charming forests, rivers (for fishing) and many zen gardens owned by the resort.
Price:36,852 Yen per person per night (Approx 452 SGD)




Located around Unryu are over 40 acres of mountains. The mountains are home to the Japanese cherry blossoms that are in  glorious full bloom every February, bathing the city in warm pink hues.

unryu 3




There are 8 onsen baths in Unryu, which offer different views each. Step into the Riverside Bath and enjoy the soft sounds of the brook while bathing; or the Izu Stone Bath .The feeling of the wood on the skin is very pleasant, and the warmth of the material complements the water warmth to produce a relaxed and cosy atmosphere.

Address:439 Nashimoto, Kamo-gun, Kawazu-cho 413-0501, Shizuoka Prefecture

The Ryokan provides transportation service to and from the train station

Price :25,750 Yen per night per person (Approx 316 SGD)

Nearby: Nanadaru Falls

The Nanadaru falls are seven waterfalls in the mountains. A pleasant walking trail leads for about one kilometer through the forest and past the waterfalls.

In Gifu (Central of Gifu Prefecture)


Set deep in the Okuhida region, Yarimikan is one of Japan’s hidden hot springs.



Most of the baths are located along the Gamatagawa river and provide stunning views of the surrounding Japanese Alps.

Yarimikan 2

The winter season amplifies the beautiful backdrop as the Japanese Alps are covered with white snow. The rock formations around the onsen are also part of the beautiful scenery within the area.

yarimikan 4

yarimikan 3

Address:587 Kamisaka, Okuhida-onsenkyo, Takayama 506-1421 , Gifu Prefecture

Price22,680 Yen per person per night (Approx 278 SGD)

Nearby: Shin Hotaka

Shin Hotaka offers a cable car and wonderful views of the surrounding mountains and volcanoes. Nishi-Hotakadake and Oku-Hotakadake are some of the famous peaks there.

Takimotokan Yuki no Sato


Yuki no Sato seeks to provide a comfortable fuss-free experience. This is a small hotel with a total of 11 guest rooms, located close to the famous Yoronotaki waterfall. Complete with an indoor bath and an open-air bath with a stunning view overlooking Nobi Plain.



6 of the guest rooms have their own private outdoor onsen. Start the day  feeling refreshed with an onsen bath in the crisp morning air or have a relaxing night bath under the starry skies!



Food from Yuki no Satos are exquisite because the ingredients are harvest locally from the region. Savour the best flavours of the season with mountain vegetables in the spring, river fish in the summer and mushrooms in the winter!



Address:503-1254 Gifu, Yoro, Yorocho Yorokoen 1290-167, Japan

The Ryokan provides transportation service to and from the train station

Price:26,389Yen per person per night (Approx 323 SGD)


Yoro Waterfall

One of Japan’s top 100 waterfalls. The water from the falls is praised for its high quality.

Yoro district

Yoro district is a nearby town that is ready for you to explore.