Gorgeous Turkish Landscapes

05 Apr Gorgeous Turkish Landscapes

There is a mind blowing charm in the stunning landscapes of Turkey, the constant surprises it brings you and the warmth the locals exuberate.

This is the land that gives rise to the earliest known human cities and mighty empires such as Roman and Ottoman. Many should have heard of the land of Troy and the epic war with the giant iconic horse. In this place there many continents come together and share a fair amount of history together, there are incredible UNESCO World Heritage Sites, well-preserved ruins that will bound to capture your imagination. From gigantic mountains to soft sand beaches, these are some of the most scenic locations that will be a feast to the eyes.

  1. Cappadocia

Perhaps the most popular scenery that comes to one’s mind when Turkey is mentioned is the gorgeous landscape littered with an array of colourful hot air balloons floating all at once in the cadmium clear sky of Cappadocia. It is a highly popular tourist destination with the many unique geological, history and cultural feature. Needless to say, the photos you get from travelling out here is going to earn you lots of “likes” on social media. It is recommended to head there in the period of April and May because of blooming wild flowers and the photogenic riot of colours are going dazzle you.


=What to Do=

  • Visit Kaymakli Underground City

Features maze of tunnels and rooms carved deep into the earth although only 4 are opened to tourists.


Prices: 20TL

  • Uchisar Castle

A prominent landmark of Cappadocia as it is a tall volcanic rock plateau. Making the effort to climb the mazy core will reward you with a panoramic view of the rock valleys. Get ready for the gorgeous sun set.


Price: 3TL

=How to Get There=

Dolmuses (minibuses) travel between Urgup and Avanos. The services leave between 8am to 7pm and will cost you around 3TL. You can also opt to use airport shuttle services from Helios Transfer or Cappadocia Express. They are very reasonably priced and must be pre-booked before arrival.

=Where to Stay=

  • Dalina Hotel


Address: Tekelli Mahallesi Kayabaşı Sokak No:16 Uçhisar Nevsehir, Uchisar

  • Kistar Hotel


Address: Aşağı Mahalle, Adnan Menderes Caddesi No:5 Uçhisar, Uchisar


  1. Pamukkale

Pamukkale means “cotton castle” in Turkish and this is a city which contains hot springs and pure white travertines which are terraces of carbonate minerals left by flowing water. The effect is magical and it will be something you have never seen before. Tourists come here to bathe in the pools and it is not a recent occurrence but one that has been going on for thousands of years. Interestingly, wearing shoes is not allowed as the mineral deposits are protected property. The weather is this place is in the extreme spectrums with unbearable heat in summer and bitter cold in winter.


=What to Eat=

If you want fresh and cheap food, the shops run by small families will be most appropriate. However, you can also opt for higher end sit-down dining in restaurants as the options are plentiful.

  • White House Restaurant & Café

Address: Ataturk Cad. Pamukkale Mah. No 7 

Tel: +90 507 853 3585

white house

  • Mehmet’s Heaven

Address: Atatturk caddesi, Pamukkale, Turkey

Tel: +90 025 827 22643

=How to Get There=

The nearest city to Pamukkale is Denizli. From Denizli, you will have to take a minibus or the dolmus which will cost arounf 3TL per trip.

=Where to Stay=

  • Pamukkale Ece Otel


Address: Karahayıt Mahallesi 120 Sağlık Sokak No:4/a Pamukkale, Pamukkale

ece otel

  • Venus Suite Hotel


Address: Pamukkale Mah. Sümbül Sokak No:7 Pamukkale, Pamukkale

venus suite


  1. Lake Van

Lake Van is the largest saline soda lake in Turkey receiving water from numerous streams from the surrounding mountains. It is one of the world’s largest endorheic lakes which means that it does not have an outlet. Despite being exposed to harsh winters, the salinity of the lake prevents it from freezing, making it an amazing phenomena. A very popular spot for archaeologists as this is the birthplace of Mitanni and Urartu kingdoms.

Lake Van

=What to Do=

  • Castle of Van

A massive stone fortification built by the Urartu kingdom. It is partially demolished but the remains are still a spectacle.

The Van Castle (or fortress, also called the Van Kalesi), rises in ruins atop a hill. Built in the 9th Century B.C. by King Sarduri I of the Urartu Kingdom, the fortress was essential for regional control. Of great historical significance, the fortress includes a massive inscription by Xerxes the Great in three languages: Old Persian, Babylonian, and Elamite.

  • The Armenian Cathedral of the Holy Cross

Also known as the Akdamar, the architecture of the church is based on designs of Armenia centuries ago. There are many biblical scenes being carved out on the walls but the meanings of each carving are always subjects of debate and varied interpretations.


=How to Get There=

Van airport is located about 5-10km away from the city taking in flights from Istanbul, Izmir, Ankara and Antalya. From the airport to the city cost around 20TL on taxis.

=Where to Stay=

  • The Crater Hotel


Address: Cumhurriyet Cad No 181, Tatvan

  • Tasar Royal Hotel


Address: Isletme Mahallesi Cumhuriyet Caddesi No:333 Tatvan, Bitlis, Tatvan



  1. Oludeniz

Oludeniz is translated as Blue Lagoon and also known as the Dead Sea. This is because of its calm waters even during storm. It is one of the most photographed beached in the Mediterranean, frequently rated as the top 5 beaches in the world. The seawater is famous for the shades of turquoise and aquamarine. You can have many activities at Oludeniz such as parasailing, ultramarathon or even scuba diving. The place used to be run by local guesthouses but it is now developed into a full-fledged tourist destination with hotels and bars everywhere.


=What to Eat=

  • Cawa Cawa

Address: Oludeniz Mah.Deniz park No:6 Fethiye, Oludeniz

Tel:  +90 545 805 1818

  • Antique

Address: Main Strip, Oludeniz

=How to Get There=

Frequent dolmus can be found between Fethiye and Oludeniz, costing 5TL per trip.

=Where to Stay=

  • Liberty Hotels Lykia


Address: Kıdrak Mevki Oludeniz Fethiye, Oludeniz


  • Sentido Lykia Resort & Spa


Address: Uzunyurt Koyu Kidrak Mevkii No:1, Oludeniz



  1. Istanbul

The most celebrated and largest city in Turkey, Istanbul is the pride and joy of the Turkish, spanning across Europe and Asia. It is the country’s economic, cultural and historic centre. The many wonderful and stunning architecture blends in perfectly with the beautiful landscape of the city. The oldest and largest covered market, Grand Bazaar is located in Istanbul but as with all travels, look out for pickpockets. Photos of the minarets and domes of the Haga Sophia, Topkapi Palace and Suleymaniye Mosque are a must. With a rich culture, superb cuisine and epic nightlife to boast of, Istanbul will be a place you want to return again and again.

Istanbul, Turkey, View on Golden Horn bay from Galata Tower.

=How to Get There=

  • Haga Sophia

Address: Aya Sofya Meydani 1

Getting there: Tram to Sultanahmet

ISTANBUL, TURKEY - 2009/04/30: Haghia Sophia (Aya Sofya), The Church of Holy Wisdom, Sultanahmet, Istanbul, Turkey Haghia Sophia (Aya Sofya), The Church of Holy Wisdom in Sultanahmet.. (Photo by Jeremy Horner/LightRocket via Getty Images)

  • Topkapi Palace

Address: Babihumayan Caddesi

Getting there: Tram to Sultanhmet

  • Suleymaniye Mosque

Address: Professor Siddik Sami Onar Caddesi

Getting there: Metro to Vezneciler/ Tram to Laleli-Universite


=Where to Stay=

  • Sura Hagia Sophia Hotel


Address: Divanyolu Cd. Alemdar Mh. Ticarethane Sk. No:10 Sultanahmet, Istanbul


  • Wyndham Grand Istanbul Levent


Address: Esentepe Mahallesi Buyukdere Caddesi No 177-183 Sisli , Istanbul