Top World’s Cheapest Exotic Travel Destinations – Thailand Islands

15 Apr Top World’s Cheapest Exotic Travel Destinations – Thailand Islands

Apart from the ever-popular shopping haven of Bangkok, many tourists flood into equally desirable travel destinations of Thailand such as the Phuket, Pattaya and Patong islands. But the Land of Smiles has many other off-shore locations that are as gorgeous, if not more amazing than the already popular ones. White sands, palm trees, crystal clear waters are part and parcel of what you will be greeted with at this island paradises. Here are the top island destination of Thailand that you want to consider for your next tropical island getaway.

  1. Koh Lipe

Settled by sea gypsies, Koh Lipe is located in the Adang-Rawi Archipelago in southwest Thailand. One of Thailand’s many tropical fantasy islands covered in simmering white soft sands and bordered by clear blue waters, Koh Lipe is also home to an abundance of marine life. It is a small island and visitors can walk around the island in little over an hour. There has been much developments in recent years and there is no shortage of hotels, resorts and restaurants popping up. A more untouched island compared to its neighbours like Phuket and Phi Phi, you will still be able to enjoy the tranquillity it offers. Be warned, that the tourism scene in the island is on the hike, so be sure to visit it before others do!

koh lipe

=How to Get There=

You can get to Koh Lipe either from Bangkok or even from Langkawi, Malaysia.

From Bangkok, you can take a flight to Had Yat whereby you will then take a bus or a taxi to Pak Bara and take a boat to Koh Lipe. If you arrive at Had Yat on an early flight, you will reach the island in a day.

From Langkawi, the boat ride takes around 90 minutes but you will have to go through the immigration customs, as this is an international border crossing.

=Where to Stay=

  • Idyllic Concept Resort


Address: Sunrise Beach, Tarutao National Marine Park, Satun, Ko Lipeidyllic

  • Mali Resort Pattaya Beach Koh Lipe


Address: 306 Mu 7 Koh Lipe, Satun , Ko Lipe


=What to Do=

  • Snorkeling and scuba diving are most notable activities in Koh Lipe. There is not a need to be a trained diver as you can get a PADI Open Water certificate there. Below are some of the famous dive points:
    • 8 Mile Rock
    • Sting Ray City
    • Hin Takorn Dukong

There will be many stalls opened along the beaches that offers snorkeling gears and services. However, just as every travel in Thailand, do negotiate the prices first to prevent a scam case.

  • Nightlife

You cannot leave the island without spending a night or two embracing the vibrant nightlife it has to offer. Below are some of the pubs and clubs you should visit:

  • OMG Sports Bar & Restaurant

Address: 292 Moo 7, Koh Lipe 91000, Thailand

  • Boom Boom Bar
  • Mia Luna


  1. Koh Lanta

Located in the beautiful Krabi Province of South Thailand, Koh Lanta is known of it long, white beaches, mountainous landscapes, green forested hills, pretty corals and also Thailand’s traditional culture. The unspoiled nature definitely offers a great escape for city dwellers and this secret island is still very much untouched by tourism. But just when you thought the island is going to be boring and mundane, it is certainly a place for everyone. From families to the wildest party goers, the island offers a wide range of activities, nightlife and accommodation. Desire a spot with serenity while sipping on a cocktail? Look no further, book your trip to Koh Lanta now.

Koh Lanta

=How to Get There=

You can get to Koh Lanta from either Krabi or Trang airports. At around 500-700 baht, it will be a 30minutes boat ride. Alternatively you can also book a private ferry which is priced at 2500-3000 baht.

=Where to Stay=

  • Baan Kantiang See Villa Resort


Address: 263 Moo 5, Koh Lanta Yai, Ko Lanta


  • Pimalai Resort & Spa


Address: 99 Moo 5, Ba Kan Tiang Beach, Koh Lanta, Krabi, Ko Lanta


=What to Do=

  • Tiger Cave

Armed with just a headlight, go on a mysterious adventure in the caves. You can arrive there by elephant trekking or by a motorbike.

  • National Park & Lighthouse

There are two beautiful landscaped gardens and the icon of Lanta’s lighthouse.

  • Elephant trekking

Elephant is the national symbol of Thailand. Hop on one of these docile giants and have a slow trekking journey around the island.


  1. Koh Tao

Koh Tao is fast becoming the favourite destination of those who come to Thailand for recreational purposes. The island used to be inhabited by turtles henceforth it is also coined as the “Turtle Island”. Today, Koh Tao is one of the leading centres for    dive education in the world. There are around 7000 new divers get certified on Koh Tao each year. With the increase tourist population of Koh Tao, many resorts, bars and nightclubs have opened up, though it is still possible for those seeking a more relaxed vacation to find quieter, less developed areas of the island.

Kao Tao

=How to Get There=

The most popular way to get to Koh Tao is from Khao San road in Bangkok, boarding an air-conditioned bus and arriving at at Chumphon piers. There are two companies that offer these services, namely Lomprayah Catamaran and Songserm Express. The boat ride is between 2 to 3 hours.

=Where to Stay=

  • Woodlawn Villas


Address: Woodlawn Village, 11/50 Moo 3, Suratthani, Ko Tao

  • Jamahkiri Resort


Address: 21/2 Moo3 Koh Tao, Ko Tao


=What to Do=

Apart from scuba diving, there are many other island activities available at Koh Tao. Granite rocks are everywhere and most of these sites allow you to climb peacefully. It is a good chance for you to hone your technical skills undisturbed, without a need to be embarrassed by a fall. Below are some popular climbing spots:

  • Mek’s Mountain
  • Secret Garden, Sairee
  • Chalok Baan Kao

chalok baan

There are also many cycling trails that cut through the forests, hills and mountains. What better way to get around the island on a leisure ride on a bike. However, for adrenaline junkies, you can opt for a more adventurous route with more endorphin pumping action. Extreme Koh Tao Cycling routes to check are listed below:

  • Tanote, Reservior
  • Laem Thian


  1. Koh Nang Yuan

A tiny island very close to Koh Tao, it is a very popular destination for diving, snorkeling and island tripping. If you can view the island from the sky, you will see that it is made up of three teardrops of land connected by massive sandbar. There are some who call this the ideal postcard location because of this unique geographic landscape. As this is a very small island, most visitors are here only for a day trip. Therefore, take advantage of it by staying a night and wake up to a quiet empty island all before the day-trippers arrive.

koh nang yuan

=How to Get There=

You can travel to Koh Nang Yuan from Koh Tao. From Khao San road in Bangkok, board an air-conditioned bus, which will bring you to Chumphon piers. There are two companies that offer these services, namely Lomprayah Catamaran and Songserm Express. From the west side of Koh Tao, it is a 10-15 minutes boat ride and cost around 200 baht for a roundtrip. A 100 baht entrance fee will be charged as it is privately owned.

=Where to Stay=

  • Naroua Villas


Address: 5/27-28 Moo 1, Sairee, Ko Tao


  • Nang Yuan Island Dive Resort


=What to Do=

The main attraction is undoubtedly the beach itself. The beaches are wide and long, which eliminates overcrowding and also gives you space and privacy. You should also take a 15 minutes hike to the highest peak and the rewards are amazing. The biggest reward will surely be the inter island ziplining. The experience is gorgeous and breathtaking to say the least. The whole course may be 1000 baht but it is worth very penny.


  1. Koh Tarutao

Koh Tarutao is one of the 51 islands that belongs to the Tarutao National Marine Park archipelago at the Southern Andaman Coast of Southern Thailand. There aren’t many facilities on the island so it would suit nature lovers, campers (tents can be hired from the National Park Office on the island for 150B per night) and more self-sufficient travellers. Tourists to this island can enjoy the pristine and quiet atmosphere of the area, and can also view the rugged mountain and jungle scenery, including the limestone cliffs for which this part of Thailand is famous.


=How to Get There=

To get to Koh Tarutao, you can take a speedboat from Koh Lipe or Pak Bara. It is a 30 minutes ride and costs 300 baht. Travelling to Koh Lipe, you can opt to go from Bangkok or even from Langkawi, Malaysia.

From Bangkok, you can take a flight to Had Yat whereby you will then take a bus or a taxi to Pak Bara and take a boat to Koh Lipe. If you arrive at Had Yat on an early flight, you will reach the island in a day.

There is a one-time entrance fee of 200 baht for foreigners as it is a national park.

=Where to Stay=

It is advisable to make a day trip to Koh Tarutao, unless you are prepared to camp out on the island. You can see where to stay at Koh Lipe above.

=What to Do=

  • Ao Talo Wao Historical Trail

From 1937 to ’48, Ko Tarutao was seen as a hell in the deep sea, according to an info board at the entrance to the Ao Talo Wao historical trail. Of the roughly 3,000 prisoners interned here, hundreds died of disease and starvation, and many more became feared pirates. Visit the trail to find out more from the informative signs along the way.

  • Pha Toe-Boo Cliff

A short 15- to 20-minute hike, which will reward you with a breezy viewpoint with tremendous views out to Ko Adang and other islands, and south over Tarutao’s vast and mountainous interior. Great sunsets can also be savoured here, but do bring a torch for the way down.