May 2016

Woman traveling by boat at sunset among the islands.

18 May Best Cities for Solo Travel

According to Thomas Jefferson, “One travels more usefully when being alone, because he reflects more”. In this day and age, more people are going solo when it comes to overseas voyages, and here is a compilation of the best places to visit if you also want to experience solo travel.

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14 May Guide to Boracay, Philippines

Over the past few years, Boracay, a little island off shore of Philippines has ridden a global wave of media attention to become one of the world’s top island destinations. You may have been to beaches around Asia, but assuredly, Boracay is among the prettiest.

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Lake Tekapo, South Island, New Zealand

14 May Lesser-Known Australian Locations

Without a doubt, Australia is an incredible place. Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and the Great Barrier Reef are the top places to visit for most tourists. But there are other lesser-known holiday destinations in Australia that are equally, if not more, charming.

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13 May Underrated European Destinations

Everyone knows about the Eiffel Tower in Paris, the gorgeous beaches in the south of France, the fantastic shopping paradises in Milan. However, there are plenty of other places in Europe that tourists often overlook. Here is a list of precious gems that you may avoid over-prices meals and long lines of people.

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12 May Epic Running Trails

There are many ways you can hit the road and sweat it out with a run. It is not the easiest things to do and you know for certain that even if you love running, most of the time it is dedication and commitment that will see you through. What do you aim for when it comes to running and working out? A healthy lifestyle or maybe a toned body perhaps. But how about running at some of the most epic races and routes around the world, satisfying your wanderlust while you're at it.

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11 May Guide to the Scottish Highlands

When it comes to the Scottish Highlands, you will be reminded of kilts, tartans, bagpipes and single malt whiskeys. The history of Scotland is extensive and especially so for the Highlands. Being vastly different geographically from the rest of Scotland, it boasts beautiful picturesque landscapes.

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09 May Café-Hopping in Thonglor, Bangkok

Thonglor was previously an unremarkable neighborhood in Bangkok, with little to attract visitors. Now, it has become an extremely happening space, visited by both locals and tourists alike. Visitors often head down to the area for a cup of coffee and a quiet afternoon. Here...

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