The World’s First Wine Theme Park: Bordeaux

06 Sep The World’s First Wine Theme Park: Bordeaux

Allow us to introduce La Cité du Vin (Also known as City of Wine), a massive, visually stunning museum dedicated to all things vino, and in the most befitting of places – the heart of Bordeaux.


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Getting to Bordeaux

The most convenient airport for Bordeaux is of course, Bordeaux-Mérignac Airport situated near the city centre. It allows good access to both the city of Bordeaux and the Gironde region, including the coastal areas, Medoc and Entre-Deux-Mers.2

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From Bordeaux to La Cite du Vin

BY TRAM (3 Euros)

The nearest tram stop is a two-minute walk from La Cité du Vin:

           Tram line B, stop ‘La Cité du Vin’

BY BUS(3 Euros)

La Cité du Vin is served by several bus routes:

  • Liane 7, stop ‘La Cité du Vin’
  • Corol 32, stop ‘La Cité du Vin’
  • Citéis 45, stop ‘La Cité du Vin’


  • By Chaban-Delmas bridge
  • 5 minutes from the northern bypass
  • 5 minutes from the Pont d’Aquitaine
  • 10 minutes from central Bordeaux
  • 10 minutes from Saint Jean station

     30 minutes from Bordeaux Mérignac Airport

 Opening hours and tickets

Open daily from 9.30am to 7.30pm

Ticket Price: €20

Though it just debuted in June, the wine lover’s paradise has already made a name for itself thanks to an instantly iconic design. The building’s striking exterior is meant to evoke gnarled vine stock, wine swirling in a glass, and eddies on the Garonne.

Once inside the stunning space, visitors are implored to join wine-tasting sessions and educational wine courses & tours; eat a meal in one of their restaurants; take their time at the wine bar pouring more than 50 varieties of international wine; and refresh with chaise lounge-aided vineyard siestas.

Attractions: The Belvedere: Paranomic Views

The belvedere invites visitors to discover the city from another perspective, like a watchtower. In this spot overlooking the river at the top of the iconic building you can admire Bordeaux, its city, vineyards and surroundings, spreading out around you from all sides.


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Attractions: The Permanent Tour

In an open exhibition space occupying more than 3,000 m², nearly twenty different themed areas invite you to take a voyage of discovery and enjoy a unique experience exploring the many and varied facets of wine across time and space. A visit to the permanent tour also includes the access to La Cité du Vin’s Belvedere, where you will discover a 360° view of Bordeaux whilst tasting a glass of world wine (50 ml).


Attractions: Events & Shows

Discover a rich and varied cultural programme in La Cité du Vin where you will find shows and concerts, cinema screenings, meetings and seminars:

Breakfast and Concert: Tandem des Fennecs

Performance: The Plate

Film Screening: Un Singe en Hiver


Attractions: Workshops

 Tasting Workshop

Tasting – a codified activity open only to enlightened connoisseurs? Not at all.

Young and old can enjoy learning about the subtleties of taste with an original tasting session which will awaken all your senses. Touch, aroma and taste experiences will help you understand the origins of taste and the factors affecting how we perceive food. Tasting will no longer hold any secrets for you!

No alcohol is required for families to enjoy this activity without moderation, so don’t hold back!


The Wine of Writers

A workshop for people who love surprises and are ready and waiting to discover wine from an unexpected perspective

A Glass of Wine in Markets of the World

Enjoy a unique tasting experience. Seated comfortably in an immersive space, embark on a great journey to the heart of the world’s markets and experiment with pairings between virtual food and real wines. A tasting which will awaken all your senses!  

Other activities:

Take a boat ride through the history of wine

Imagine yourself as one of the ancient wine merchants as you embark on this 50-seat simulator boat ride. In this 10-minute fantastical journey, you will experience the voyages from 6,000 BC to the present day taken by merchants who have carried wines around the world. With copious images, animation movies, scents of iodine, seaweed and sea, prepare to feel completed immersed.


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Indulge in a special banquet with historical figures

This is historical reenactment at its best (with some fancy imagination on the side). Actors portraying Voltaire, Churchill, Napoleon and Colette join French actor Pierre Arditi in an entertaining yet educational talk about their favorite bottles, while dishing on some of the most legendary wines of all time. 

Wine and Dine

It almost makes no sense to have a wine theme park and museum without any drinking involved. With two restaurants and a wine bar, there are more than 500 wines served with 50 different wines available by glass. Check out the world’s most diverse wine cellar with 14,000 wines coming from 80 different countries, and pair each drink with a dish as you enjoy panoramic views of the city.


Elsewhere in Bordeaux: What to Eat

Le Petit Commerce

Le Petit Commerce, 22 Rue du Parliament Saint Pierre, Bordeaux 33000

Direction: From Bordeaux City Center, walk east along Rue des Trois Conils, then north towards Place du Parlement. Le Petit Commerce is located east of Place du Parlement.

Opening hours: 12pm – 12am

Reservation: no

Phone: +33 556797658


Le Petit Commerce is a local favourite and has earned its spot on these lists.  Le Petit Commerce is all about extremely fresh fish. A constantly changing menu, based on the day’s catch, also includes the justifiably famous Arcachon Basin oysters.


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Bar de Boucher

Bar de Boucher, 5 Rue Parliament Sainte-Catherine, Bordeaux 33000

Direction: From Bordeaux City Center, walk east along Rue des Trois Conils, continue on to Rue Sante Catherine and turn right.

Opening hours: 7pm – 12am

Reservation: Yes

Phone: +33 556813737


At its heart a steakhouse, Bar de Boucher, which translates to the “Butcher Bar,” is renowned for the quality of its meat, options include different types of beef, bull, duck and horse. But the true pleasure of this restaurant is the actual butcher bar. When you are ready to order, you walk to the bar and choose your meat, the cut, how much you want to eat and how you want your meat cooked. In addition, the restaurant provides a stunning wine list and excellent seasonal accompaniments. 


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Belle Campagne


15 rue des Bahutiers

Direction: From Bordeaux City Center, head east onto d’Alsace-et-Lorraine. Turn left onto Rue du Pas-Saint-Georges, then turn right.

Opening hours: 6pm – 1am

Reservation: No

Phone: +33 556811651

Occupying a duplex space in the city’s increasingly hip Saint Pierre district, this restaurant serves a seasonal menu, which changes every two months. It’s the bounty of the farms of south-west France, including recent dishes like a velouté of white asparagus from Les Landes.


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33 rue du Cancera

Direction: Direction: From Bordeaux City Center, head east onto d’Alsace-et-Lorraine. Turn left onto Rue du Pas-Saint-Georges, then turn head north.

Phone: +33 556811824

Opening hours: 730pm – 10pm

Reservation: Yes

The name of this friendly modern bistro in the heart of the city refers to the fact that the quartet of chefs come from faraway places: Israel, Japan, New Caledonia and France via Vietnam. Expect dishes like swordfish with Madras curry jelly and coconut, coriander and lime gremolata. 13


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